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FCN Conbadges by Mary Mouse - preorders open!

Hi everyone!  Looking forward to attending FCN again this year!

I am open now for conbadge pre orders.  Order your badge now and have it ready and waiting for you at my dealer's table as soon as the room opens on Friday!

- Payment is due in advance, via paypal.
- I will send a scan of your badge to you via e-mail before the con.
- All badges are traditionally colored with marker and ink.
- Badges are laminated with an attached clip.
- All art and subjects must be G-rated.
- In the interest of expediting your order, no progress will be shared or corrections made.  However, if I make a mistake with your character's design, I will happily fix it!
- Orders must be placed by APRIL 8th to guarantee completion for the con.


3.5" Head/Shoulder Badge - $30
- Any expression you want!
- No Props

6" 1/2 Body Badge - $45
- Small Prop okay!

- Please e-mail me at lilgreymouse @ gmail . com (minus spaces)

Thanks for reading!  Looking forward to seeing everyone in April!

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Hotel out of King rooms?

Apparently the hotel is out of king rooms. I tried to reserve a king about an hour after Gyr tweeted that the room block was open. I could not get one. I am arriving Thursday the 12 leaving Monday the 16 ( my Birthday ) Reserved a double. I do prefer a king. for 2 reasons I room alone, so its silly for me to take a room with 2 beads when all I need is one, let that room go to someone who is sharing the room, 2nd the king dose seem to offer more room as there is only 1 bed in the room. Gyr latter in the day tweeted that it was fixed. I tried to get a king on the website and they were still not listed Friday night and just now Sat morning. I for fun tried changing dates and the only way I could get a king room to come up was to check in on the 11 and check out on the 12. That would indicate 1 thing to me, the Hotel is out of king rooms already! and only 1 hour after the block was announced. Well I still have a double reserved so i do have a room, but as I said above it would be better if I ha
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Instructors needed for figure drawing panels at FCN 2012.

I'm starting on this a bit early. If you like figure drawing and would like to be an instructor, I have openings available.

There are three sections: general audience (clothed), fursuit, and nude (18+). Models are provided, and artists must bring supplies with them. As a speaker, I need someone to give some basic instruction and feed back to the artists.

The general audience panels are a hour long each, and the nude session is two hours.

If you're interested, please reply here or contact me at
Loved, Nostalgic, Thought Of - Flower

Potential figure drawing classes for FCN 2012.

I'm pondering organizing something. I will need someone(s) to be a guest speaker. 3/4 of my time will be involved with either the Sponsor Lounge and/or making sushi.

I will need 3 models and 3 back up models to be clothed, in fursuits (full please), and nude in addition to speakers. I will also need folks to help as door guards both inside and outside the room.

[i][b]If you are interested please reply here or at Please include FCN 2012 Live Figure Drawing Sessions in the subject line.[/b][/i]

Looking for pics!

Searching for photos that were taken during the dances at FCN! Searched FA and the galleries here and no luck. Someone was taking pictures of myself and my friend LuLu at the dance, and she didnt write down his name or anything. Any help would be appreciated! :)

Suits I'm looking for: