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FCN pics, vid's and report

Well I’m back from FCN safe and sound, and despite some initial concerns, had an awesome experience.
I took a taxi to the airport due to communication issues, but it was cheaper then last time only cost $60 with tip vs the $70 w/o tip last time, made it with plenty of time, and despite a less than gentle search and repack of the roo’s action packer, everything made it safe and sound in the same number of pieces it started in. Despite my lack of pre-reg, I checked in early enough Friday morning (missed it Thursday due to dinner) to still get all the super sponsor perks, including one of the better SS lunches served thus far at a con. The staff was very friendly accommodating and competent keeping things following smoothly, making sure events started on time, or as close as possible. Awesome programming director, Basil was constantly checking up on rooms to make sure everything the presenter needed was provided for. The dances were epic, they sounded amazing both because of the equipment they were using (omg the bass), and they paid high attention to detail, and ran sound checks to make sure everything was working properly. I didn’t attend much in the way of panels, didn’t buy anything other then food, but did go out to eat off site several times with my room mates and other friends. My DJ set Sat from 10:15 -11:15 was very well received, and I got several complements both from the people at the dance, both by their attendance and after the fact, but also by the dance director and other DJ’s, makes me feel good. There is a demand for more music choices; people wanted more 90’s & modern hits. With any luck, I can come back next year, and maybe do a 2 hour set, half Fursuit cheese half pop non techno club style stuff. I will say the dances for my taste were great, I thoroughly enjoyed the music selections that were played most of the time, and found more music to dance to here then at some other cons. Even found a new favorite song, Lady Gaga – Poker Face, they played that Sunday night. We haven’t even started to talk about the epicness of the lasers and intelilights yet :). Along the wow what a great job lines, the FCN sponsor suite gets the award for best con suite of the year. An electric chiller for the soda, a freezer to keep frozen food and serve up ice cream bars a slushy machine (I hit the crap out of that thing!), good selection of dried foods, granola bars, normal chocolates, large selection of fruits veggies and cheese, lunch meats, hot dogs, chicken wings, pasta, steamed veggies, pizza rolls, egg rolls, big pizza pies, soup, chili, meatballs, a schedule of when food would be out and of course, the beer. I mention the beer last because it has no personal value to me, but still worth mentioning. The only comment other then WOW awesome job guys, I have is while yes I realize the logistic challenge and extra cost involved, I’d like to see it open at 9 or 10am, instead of noon and serve things like pop tarts, dry cereal, bagels, etc for a breakfast shift, but that’s just icing on an otherwise amazing suite. One of two panels I did attend was the Bunnies Sig, I wanted to get to know bunny hugger and any other bunnies a bit better, but I also won a solid chocolate rabbit, my only of the year (so far)

Last thing I’ll say about the con is I have all the video and pictures I took posted, they are largely dance centric, but there is also a fair amount from the Fursuit games as well. There are so many people to thank and who made my con special, from my room mates Tilt, Foxwell, & Collin, to Duncan, Quasi, Lucky, Roxi and other various fuzzies I got to hang out with. I can’t mention everyone, but thank you all.




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