Nobody (wagtehdog) wrote in fcn_convention,

I don't remember there being this many Arby's on Route 80 before!

It's already been a week since that crazy time we had that one weekend up in D-Troy and since I'm lazy I never got around to posting stuff like "That's was fun!" or "LET'S DO IT AGAIN RIGHT NOW" or whatnot. So... That's was fun! Let's do it again right now.

Thanks to everyone who made FCN an awesome weekend, especially everyone at the Improv Comedy panel Friday night, everyone who stomped me playin the pokers, and anybody that listened to my drunken rambling in the consuite at some point of the weekend. Yall rock. =D

Oh, and here's some of the pictures I took. :P

So... yeah! Seeya all next year! I'm bringing potatoes! (srsly.)

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