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Furry Connection North 2010 Sponsors' Lounge

Hello, this is your Director of Sponsors' Lounge and resident bartender, Deyna T. Otter. I wanted to personally thank all of our sponsors and attendees who came to the Lounge.

If you weren't at closing ceremonies, I had some fun and read of some numbers of how much food and drinks the sponsors had consumed over the course of the whole weekend. Here are some of those numbers:

65 lbs of lunch meat
75 lbs of hot dogs
25 lbs of salty snacks
10 lbs of (dry) pasta
20 lbs of pulled pork
35 lbs of fruit
25 lbs of vegetables
12 lbs of salad
15 lbs of ketchup
4 gallons each of chili, macaroni and cheese, and chicken soup
250 ice cream sandwiches
198 cookies
32 loaves of bread

We also managed to drink our way through approximately 93 callons of soda, 93 gallons of beer and 30 gallons of slushies.

Impressive, no? =3

I want to thank Chilly Mouse (aka Chef Chilly) for her contributions to the sponsors' lounge, including working for several hours with volunteers to make fresh sushi. Also Je'Thaa for helping me stay grounded and working his butt of to help get Saturday lunch and dinner on the tables. And to all my other volunteers and various staff members who helped us in the lounge, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. We make an amazing team! =3

Also I have been humbled by all the compliments and praise that the Lounge received over this last weekend and I look forward to returning next year to make it even better.

Take care all. Til next year!

Deyna Tibberius Otter II

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