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Thank you to all FCN staff

Dear FCN staff,

I sent a thank-you letter to the FCN contact email, but I'm pasting a similar copy here to ensure it can be seen.

I just wanted to take a moment to say that this was the best you've been yet (my second time at FCN), and probably the most enjoyable, relaxing convention I have attended to date (and I've been at this for a few years now). I can just imagine what all goes into the planning and running of the event, and felt you all deserved a great deal of praise for both accomplishing this - as well as keeping your sanity. Well, most of your sanity, anyways. =3

A few specific thoughts...
  • Sponsor's den (aka the beer/snack room): Absolutely excellent. Food far exceeded expectations, the beer was extraordinary (PLEASE bring back the nut brown ale again next year!), was kept fairly clean at all times, generally well-stocked
  • Dealer's room: Packed with enough vendors, but spacious enough that I had plenty of elbow room.
  • Artist's alley: While I wish there was room for more artists (larger room in general - not feasible I'm sure), I GREATLY appreciated the wide open space in the middle to permit elbow room.
  • Staff: Security staff were very polite, hotel staff were friendly and cheerful as well, as were the badge checkers. Interactions with them ranged from quiet and polite while smiling, to very talkative and fun to have around. Couldn't have asked for a better spectrum of personalities. Very impressed.
  • Panels/events: of the panels I attended, the panelists were all well-prepared, patient with questions, warm and friendly, and very knowledgeable.
  • General space (hallways, lobby): guests/attendees were all polite and kept the area clean. I didn't see any inappropriate behavior, either.
I had a great time, and all your efforts were both noticed and greatly appreciated. Thank you for helping to create a most memorable of weekends for both myself and my friends. I look forward to returning for FCN 2011. =3

Bandrik Windigard

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