Nikolas Vulper (nikvulper) wrote in fcn_convention,
Nikolas Vulper

FCN 2009 Announcement!

Hey folks, your friendly FCN financial director here to announce our awesome new hotel for 2009!

That's our new home, the Sheraton Detroit Novi. The address is 21111 Haggerty Road · Novi, Michigan 48375. Room rates will be $92 per night for single to quad occupancy. They're working on a reservation homepage for us, which we will post a link to soon.

We're finalizing the registration system now, we just have to determine our rates. Prices should fall in line with 2008 memberships, with even more for your money than last year!

Now for the most important part, the dates! FCN 2009 will occur on the weekend of Friday April 24th through Sunday April 26th. Stay tuned to fcn_convention for the latest updates!

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