Another Awesome Convention

This year was just a cool as the last FCN.  Awesome dances night after night plus the brilliant performances from Who's Lion, Comjuke's magic show, and the Fursuit Variety Show.  Exile did an excellent job with the fursuit games and I can't wait to see the pictures of the fun carnage of soccer and musical chairs.  Speaking of which, for those that have any pictures of the con, don't be afraid to post them up to these long lost sites of The Fursuit Archive and Frysco's  I've only seen just an group upload by only one or two people per con.  So let's get a little archive revival thing going for them.  Thanks to the awesome staff members for putting this con together.

*Here's to a another year*

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Plug for my Letterboxing Panel

Do you like:
Scavenger hunts or geocaching?
Designing symbols or logos?
Solving mysteries or puzzles?
Secrets and subterfuge?
Hidden messages?
Visiting scenic or interesting places?

may be for you!

Learn about this 19th century (but still continuing) hobby including how-to's and demonstrations – everything you need to get started as a letterboxer.

Saturday, 4 p.m., Saugatuck
Presented by BunnyHugger
with a field trip to follow on Sunday

Last call for preorder badges!

Since FCN is less than a week away, I'll be closing Preorders soon! Probably by next Wednesday. If you were thinking about ordering one, do so soon! If you order one from my table at the con, you might not get it by the end of the convention.

Preferred method of payment is through PAYPAL, but you may pay in cash on pickup.

If you decide to pay on pickup, you will NOT get a scan of it before hand.


Headshot: $20 (these are about 4x4 inches)
Bust: $30 (about 4 inches wide, 5 or 6 inches tall)
Full Body: $40+ depending on complexities and background (about 8 inches tall)
*NEW* Food Badge! $35+ EXAMPLE

Please note me on FA or email me at with the form below to order one!

-Type of badge
-Reference picture of character
-Desired pose/expression
-Background (if full body)

See you all soon! 8D

badge preorders available from e.e. cummings' dog

hey all you furries. it's almost time for fcn! hope you're as pumped as i am.

i'm taking badge pre-orders. this means your badge will be ready to be picked up once artist's alley opens on friday! no waiting, no hassle, and you won't have to have cash on hand. i mean, who carries cash anymore anyways?

my badges start at $5 and go all the way up to $20. that's pretty darn cheap for some swell freakin' art.

click the jump for samples and pricingCollapse )

thanks, and let's have an awesome con!

- e.e. cummings' dog
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Of Wolf and Man

room for two?

I have a friend who will be attending FCN and the both of us are in need of a room. He will only be there the 8th and 9th and leaving the 10th. I will be needing a room for the entirety of the con, thursday through monday, leaving on monday of course. Floorspace is fine.

I will be bringing an air mattress for us so floorspace is all we need. If you have questions please feel free to ask.
Of Wolf and Man

From the Sponsor's Lounge

Greeting everyone, your master of all things alcohol and salty snacks reminding you that FCN is coming up very soon! Our renowned Sponsors' Lounge needs volunteers to keep up with all the people that use it and I come to you asking for you to help us out.

I need people who can cook according to directions on packaging, people to wash dishes and people to help with keeping things stocked and clean. Remember volunteers who donate enough time get free memberships for next years con so please come help out in the Lounge this year. I work very hard to make sure my volunteers have fun as well as get a chance to attend the events they want to see at the con. Even if it's for a few hours, every little bit helps. =3

If you want to volunteer or have questions about the Sponsor's Lounge email me at

We will see you there!

Deyna T. Otter II
Director of Sponsors' Lounge Services